All Kinds of Social :)

We have a website, we have facebook, but now we are on Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube!

What’s the difference and how are these different?

Ideally we will try and post similar information on all platforms since we all have our preferences, BUT, I’d still say Facebook is where a lot of our updates, photos, Facebook Live events, and future events are made.  Snapchat is great for information that is “in the now”.  We will post stories that are applicable for- well, the next 24 hours from posting (join us for our KoreaFest 2018 Contests countdown going on in the month of November 2017).  Instagram will be photos at GKWF events, but also other cool “Korean stuff”.  Makeup, other festivals we attend, other events, etc.  YouTube will be more of a “library” of events or information.

So that is the current plan for all of the accounts.  As we use them more, we will adjust what content we share 🙂

So start following us and giving us feedback and support.  Hope to see you soon in person or online 🙂

Global Korean Wave Federation


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