Tteokbokki Recipe

In Korea, you can find street vendors selling tteokbokki in little cups in winter which is perfect for picking up with a toothpick as you stroll along the street checking out the outdoor markets. 

It’s also a great dish to share with friends at dinner, so you can have another dish. 😊

Check out this recipe from Visit Korea

Cylindrical rice cakes are seasoned and cooked in a gochujang (Korean chili paste) sauce. Tteokbokki is a popular snack in Korea.


Bulkogi Marinating & Dinner

Bulkogi is one of those dishes I suggest people try if they have never had Korean food before.  A non-spicy dish that is tender and juicy, and a great dish for kids.

On June 12th, we had a Bulkogi marinating class, where we had a marinating demonstration and ate so much food!  Rice, kim, bulkogi, lots of side dishes, rice, sauces, pear juice, and three kinds of desserts!

Everyone got to take home a printed recipe and a book on different Korean foods and festivals.

Leave a comment on what your favourite Korean foods are and what you would like to learn to make 🙂