North Carolina’s First Korean Festival Coming up in February 2017

Looking for:

    • volunteers


  • art competition submissions (cash prize!)
  • ideas
  • spread the word (facebook event, word of mouth, news)

Check out the Festival Page HERE



Board Meeting: International Festival and first annual KOREAfest!

International Festival, Raleigh (October 14,15,16)

The board met to discuss the upcoming international festival in Raleigh next month (October 14th, 15th, and 16th).  Discussions were around volunteers, food prep and utensil quantities, and advertising.  Two volunteer slots need to be filled for the game culture booth. Volunteers needed for the food booth.  Free admission and bibimbap meal included.


First Annual KOREAfest, Raleigh (February 2017)

We also discussed the first annual KOREAfest in February 2017.  We are looking for vendors, and planning on having Korean dance, arts and crafts, games, food, museum, cooking demonstrations, kpop and kdrama booths, etc.

Volunteers, vendors, and ideas welcome!


Volunteers and Inquiry’s:


Board Meeting: Upcoming International Festival and Greensboro Korean Day Festival

The board members met to discuss the upcoming Block Party August 20th, the International Festival in October (14th, 15th, and 16th) . . . games, the Korean cafe, and dance performances.  There was a discussion about the Korean Day Festival in Greensboro which will get to see the debut for the three drum dance (we got to see a sneak peak!), and the beginning discussions of a Korean Festival!