Monthly Korean Events around Raleigh

Are you interested in MONTHLY events around Korean language, movies, K-pop dance, dinner meetups, etc.?

We are excited to partner with the Triangle Korean Language and Culture Meetup Group! It’s a great way to meet people in the Raleigh NC and Triangle area sharing in the love of Korean culture and food.

The GKWF is still going to focus on large community events (like KoreaFest, Virtual Tours Korea, The International Festival, Etc.) as well as help host some monthly local events.

There is a k-pop dance meetup event Tomorrow (7/29). A fun event for all levels or interests in k-pop dance.

RSVP here:…/…/

or join the Meetup group to stay up to date on the next event at:…/…/

See you soon!


Virtual Korea Event in Raleigh, NC

VirtualToursKorea Eng versions_final MQB_Marketing approvedCome to Virtual Tour Korea to:

  • play Korean games
  • try taekwondo board breaking
  • sample food
  • learn and play traditional instruments
  • try snacks
  • and More!

We need your support to show the City of Raleigh that there is interest in Korean Culture!

September 16th
10am – 12pm

$5 for Adults
Free for 18 and under
more details on their website

***** You must get tickets on the City of Raleigh Website *****

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in barcode 209467
  3. Purchase tickets (only 100 spaces total available)

We hope to see you there!


Korean ‘American Girl’ Doll

zyang_american girl dollAmerican Girl dolls are known for their back stories and history.  I am excited to see that Korean American doll Z Yang was introduced on April 27th, 2017.  I have seen some remarks about how she doesn’t look very asian, but she does have a typical style of ‘American Girl’ doll look.

A quote from the People article
“We made Z Korean-American because it’s an ethnicity we haven’t featured before in our character lineups,”

I like that she is a modern vlogger and has interets in art, and I would love to see this doll in a hanbok (한복)

The American Girl Website for Z
The People article




Tteokbokki Recipe

In Korea, you can find street vendors selling tteokbokki in little cups in winter which is perfect for picking up with a toothpick as you stroll along the street checking out the outdoor markets. 

It’s also a great dish to share with friends at dinner, so you can have another dish. 😊

Check out this recipe from Visit Korea

Cylindrical rice cakes are seasoned and cooked in a gochujang (Korean chili paste) sauce. Tteokbokki is a popular snack in Korea.

Talk to Me in Korean

ttmik_logoWhen I was serious about learning Korean (about 5 years ago), the best way I learned was by listening to a lesson a day with their app on my phone, on my commutes created by Talk to Me in Korean.  The lessons were short and I could practice what I learned or memorized the lesson throughout the day.  It has since grown into youtube videos, interactive discussions, and extended course material.  It’s definitely a great place to start because it’s also FREE.  Definitely check it out!


Contest Annoucement 1 of 4!

You already love things Korean, so why not try some artistic expressions through art for our amature art contest! The cash prize is a nice bonus for winners. Last contest that was awareded at KoreaFest was awarded a $500 first prize! We will anounce the address to send your art submissions to at a later date, but go ahead and start getting your paints, pencils, or other creative tools. Details at

Sleeping Baby, Awake in a Hanbok

I’ve been following LauraIZ on Instagram ever since I saw the article on Huffington post about the adorable photos she posts of her sleeping baby dressed up in different outfits with different themes.

I just now saw a photo of her cutie in her first birthday photo shoot wearing this hanbok.

Seriously, HOW ADORABLE!?

If you don’t follow her on instagram, you totally should.  The outfits are so amazing and creative.  ^^


Contest Announcements Count Down!

When Kim Kwun (founding president) sponsored the first international event in the summer of 2015 in Los Angeles California, the drawing contest was part of the beginning of a Global Korean Wave Federation tradition.

In 2016, we continued the tradition with an Art Contest where the winners received cash prizes at KoreaFest 2017.

We are excited to have 4 cash prize competitions for anyone in the US or around the world interested in participating.  Awards will be presented at KoreaFest 2018.

The first competition and details will be announced April 7th with contest rules and a link to the website with the contest submission form.

Can you guess what the first competition will be? 🙂

Save the Date (almost!)

You know how it feels when you are so excited about an upcoming event, and you want to write it down or mark it in your calendar so you don’t forget about it?  That’s how we feel, and we are oh so close to having a date and location for KoreaFest 2018!

When you want a very popular and central location, like the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, there are a lot of events going on, including other festivals.  Right now it’s looking like a date in March, but we won’t know for sure just yet.  Fingers crossed!