Contest Announcements Count Down!

When Kim Kwun (founding president) sponsored the first international event in the summer of 2015 in Los Angeles California, the drawing contest was part of the beginning of a Global Korean Wave Federation tradition.

In 2016, we continued the tradition with an Art Contest where the winners received cash prizes at KoreaFest 2017.

We are excited to have 4 cash prize competitions for anyone in the US or around the world interested in participating.  Awards will be presented at KoreaFest 2018.

The first competition and details will be announced April 7th with contest rules and a link to the website with the contest submission form.

Can you guess what the first competition will be? 🙂

Save the Date (almost!)

You know how it feels when you are so excited about an upcoming event, and you want to write it down or mark it in your calendar so you don’t forget about it?  That’s how we feel, and we are oh so close to having a date and location for KoreaFest 2018!

When you want a very popular and central location, like the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, there are a lot of events going on, including other festivals.  Right now it’s looking like a date in March, but we won’t know for sure just yet.  Fingers crossed!

KoreaFest Planning on Location

January 14th, the VP’s met at the location of North Carolina’s First Korean Festival!  A nice indoor facility behind the International Market at 421 Chapanoke Road, Raleigh NC.


There was a lot of measuring, booth location planning for vendors, performance and story reading location planning etc. A lot was discussed!

We are posting the new flyers around town. If you can help with this at your school  or work, or if you would like to volunteer in other ways, fill out the form and contact us on the Festival Page!

Korean Documentary Playng at The Cary Theater (The Lovers & The Despot)

The Cary movie theater is playing the Korean Movie ‘The Lovers & The Despot’ this week.
  • Thurs (1/5/17)
  • Fri (1/6/17)
  • Sat (1/7/17)


Board Meeting: Upcoming International Festival and Greensboro Korean Day Festival

The board members met to discuss the upcoming Block Party August 20th, the International Festival in October (14th, 15th, and 16th) . . . games, the Korean cafe, and dance performances.  There was a discussion about the Korean Day Festival in Greensboro which will get to see the debut for the three drum dance (we got to see a sneak peak!), and the beginning discussions of a Korean Festival!



Bulkogi Marinating & Dinner

Bulkogi is one of those dishes I suggest people try if they have never had Korean food before.  A non-spicy dish that is tender and juicy, and a great dish for kids.

On June 12th, we had a Bulkogi marinating class, where we had a marinating demonstration and ate so much food!  Rice, kim, bulkogi, lots of side dishes, rice, sauces, pear juice, and three kinds of desserts!

Everyone got to take home a printed recipe and a book on different Korean foods and festivals.

Leave a comment on what your favourite Korean foods are and what you would like to learn to make 🙂