K-Pop Dance Contest

  • Open to all Ages.
  • Submit Contest Audition form and video by November 30th 2017 On the global Korean wave website. (Facebook submissions will not be considered.)
  • Songs and Music must be Korean Music Or by a Korean k-pop singer or group.
  • Dances must be appropriate for families
  • Performances must be the same performance submitted on your video. Any changes in music or dance will cause disqualification from the contest.
  • Performances will be live at KoreaFest 2018 and should be the same song as submitted for the contest.

(note: submissions through Facebook will not be accepted)

Submission Fee
  • $20 for Individuals
  • $40 for a Group

Can be paid by cheque to the Global Korean Wave Federation or request to pay online via credit card through the contact form.

First Place Prize $1,000

The award presentation will be at KoreaFest on the main stage. If you cannot attend, we will contact you afterwards.

Judging will happen at KoreaFest 2018 by a panel of Judges not related to the GKWF and awards.

Contest Submission Form

If you have any questions, Contact Us