Carolinas President and VP’s

We are a diverse group of ladies.  Some of us have lived most of our lives in the US and don’t speak the Korean language, some of us were adopted from Korea or have adopted children.  Some of us were born in Korea and have lived in the language and culture since we were kids before living in the US.  Some of us were born in the US, but just love the essence of Korea.

We want to excite you with the opportunities our events can offer, collaborate new ways of incorporating traditional Korea to modern Korea, and inspire you to teach us what you know.

We want to provide fun environments where you can learn about Korea.  We want to help you understand more about what is going on in K-Dramas or K-pop Music. If you want to travel to Korea, we want you to feel more at home and not as much like a tourist. If you aren’t a native, we want you to feel like you could be, and see things from a different perspective.

Come to our events, like our facebook page, share with friends.  If you would like to contribute through sponsorships or donations, Contact US.

A Big Korean Wave Hello!  We would love to meet you.


HeOak Lee

“Growing up in Northern Virginia, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to study Korean traditional dance. It was my dream to have my own dance group one day.

After 17 years as the director and choreographer for the Imperial Jewel and 27 years of working at the International Festival of Raleigh, I was appointed to do what I love.

Global Korean Wave Federation allows me to be able to share my passion for Korean Dance and Culture. I want to play a part in ensuring that my children will have a greater appreciation for their heritage.

We are witnessing an explosion of Korean Wave all over the world. We will do our part in carrying out our mission of spreading and sharing everything Korean with all who will embrace it.

My vision of hosting a Korean Day Festival is already turning into a reality. We are planning the very first Korean Day Festival in the Triangle. I anticipate making this an annual event.

I am always open to hosting Any event that you would like to see. We will always consider your suggestions and requests.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.”

Vice Presidents:

SoonEi Baik

Elizabeth Lee

liz“I enjoy being a part of the GKWF because it opens the door to learning about the Korean culture without having to speak the language.  It is great for those with families who have married into the culture to be able to learn about the traditions, the amazing food, the music and games.  There is so much to learn in a fun environment all while getting to meet new friends who share the same interests.”

 Sonya Detwiler

“GKWF is a great organization for those who want to learn more about Korean culture but may not speak the language or already be a member of the Korean community. Heoak Lee’s passion for spreading the joy and knowledge of Korean culture to all is admirable and inspiring. I have learned so much already about this beautiful culture and can’t wait to see what more is to come! ”

 SunMi Shin

“I majored in Korean Traditional Dance in Korea and 13 years ago came to America for a performance. During this time, I met my current husband and moved to America. While living here, I was able to perform many times to many different people who all wanted to know more about Korea. Through this opportunity with GKWF, I hope to be able to help share the Korean Culture, not only through dance, but in many other ways as well.”

Sue-Leigh Palin

“What interested me in the Global Korean Wave Federation, was that the classes and events are geared towards people who may not have a background in Korean culture, language, music, arts, etc. but are interested in learning it in an environment where you don’t have to have any experience, while also welcoming teachers and people who are native to Korean culture.”


“I was born in Korea and moved to America where my two daughters were born.  To my content, they grew to love Kpop and Korean culture.  I joined GKWF due to my passion in sharing and spreading the Korean culture to future generations.”